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Engineering innovative solutions for the Blockchain ecosystem

We are Zondax

We build back-end tech solutions for the leading projects in the cryptocurrency space, delivering an agile and creative approach to the ever-evolving problems of a fast-growing industry.

Our diverse team brings a detail-oriented approach to the software creation process, customizing its methods for the needs of a multi-varied client base.

In a few short years, we have contributed the technological framework for some of the most-utilized blockchain ventures visited every day by crypto’s global user base.

Our innovative solutions are used by exchanges, hardware wallets, privacy coins, and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols applied to over 50 blockchain related projects to date, and have been used in more than 40 apps for the Ledger hardware wallet.

The growing international team has positioned itself to ride the waves of innovation as the blockchain industry continues to evolve in the years ahead, bringing its curiosity to the fore in search of growth opportunities for clients and employees alike.

In the coming months, we are poised to unveil new working partnerships and proprietary products as we build upon our reputation as one of the foremost software providers in the blockchain arena.

We’re a team of technologists, strategists, and creative problem solvers seeking to build customized solutions for the blockchain industry’s household names.


“We are always looking for talent”