# Kusama Ledger App

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The following project has been funded by the Web3 Foundation (opens new window).

We are happy to announce Ledger Nano S and X support for Runtime 1062. Polkadot.JS is also integrated (Thanks Jaco!) We are preparing the documentation to submit to Ledger for publication in Ledger Live.

Please notice:

  • Kusama * (opens new window) "is an early, unaudited and unrefined release of Polkadot". EXPECT CHAOS.
  • Do not use a Ledger device with funds for development purposes.
  • Have a separate and marked device that is used ONLY for development and testing

Milestone 1 - Warnings

  • The app has not been reviewed or published by Ledger. At this stage, we recommend using the app only for testing purposes.

# Overview

Polkadot.js (opens new window) has already integrated Ledger support.

At this stage:

  • Only Ed25519 signatures are supported and derivation is based on Ed25519+BIP32. (sr25519 coming soon)
  • Support 140 methods. There are a few methods that are still not supported.
  • We are looking at having full mnemonic portability between subkey and Ledger devices.
  • Integrated Zemu tests and test case generation.
  • JS integration library npm version (opens new window)

# Basic Usage

# Enable Ledger support

Ledger support is not enabled by default

  • First, go to Settings (on the left)
  • Change “Manage Hardware Connections” to “Attach Ledger via WebUSB”
  • Click Save

# Retrieve your address

  • Go to accounts (left)
  • Open the Kusama app in your device
  • Click “Query Ledger” at the top
  • Your address will be retrieved from the device and shown in the screen

# Confirm your address

  • Go to accounts (left)
  • Open the Kusama app in your device
  • You can see your address in the device by clicking on the gear and choosing “Show address on hardware device”
  • The device will show your address in the screen. You can confirm it is the same that the one shown in the website.

# Sending KSMs

Sending is very similar as normal accounts.

  • Go to accounts (left)
  • Open the Kusama app in your device
  • Click Send

  • Fill out the corresponding information

  • Then to authorize the transaction, click "Sign via Ledger"

  • You will see all the fields in your device, click "Sign Transaction". Polkadot JS will immediately relay the signed tx to the network.


If you have no funds, you can always get some KSMs from the Kusama Faucet. You can follow the instructions here (opens new window)

# Coming soon...

What is planned

  • sr25519 support
  • Support for multiple runtimes at the same time
  • Polkadot and other substrate-based apps!
Last Updated: 7/31/2020, 11:03:21 PM