Filecoin v13 Hyperdrive Network Upgrade

by Anne-Lous
7/6/20213 min read
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Filecoin V13 HyperDrive Network has been released and this means a 10-25x increase in storage capacity due to improvements to the Filecoin Proofs System! This upgrade unlocks the ability to aggregate up to 819 PoReps (new storage proofs) into 1 on-chain message.

The Hyperdrive Network Upgrade implements several FIP (Filecoin Improvement Proposals), such as FIP-0013 and FIP-0008. The FIP-0013 allows multiple proofs to be aggregated into one on-chain message, which will reduce the Gas fee and improve the network’s efficiency. The FIP-0008 is adding a method for miners to submit sector pre-commitments in batches, which allows to amortize some of the costs across multiple sectors and it will remove some redundant and costly checks for miners.

Improvements for the Filecoin ecosystem

One of the missions of this Filecoin upgrade is to increase chain capacity to unblock Filecoin’s scalability. Filecoin V13 comes with increased chain bandwidth and has many benefits for the Filecoin ecosystem, such as:

  • Current storage providers can onboard additional storage capacity quicker (and cheaper!)
  • The gas fee will be reduced. This also means it will be cheaper to store data on Filecoin!
  • More bandwidth for critical operations, such as ongoing storage verifications and creating new accounts.
  • It creates more space so that new storage providers can be onboarded (and scale their operations)

Unblocking Filecoin’s network growth rate

Prior to the V13 HyperDrive Network upgrade, a storage provider with the right resources and hardware, may technically be able to onboard 100PiB of storage capacity onto Filecoin per day, but he / she would be limited due to the available chain bandwidth: it had to stay within the 40PiB per day collective storage onboarding limit. This basically means that the storage provider would compete with other miners for new storage proofs, within that daily limit.

The HyperDrive Upgrade is changing this, unlocking Filecoin’s scalability. A storage provider could now aggregate their proof verifications or commits  - which get on-chain as SNARKs - into a single on-chain message, which takes up way less chain bandwidth. The storage providers can grow their network power quickly, while saving chain space. If all proof commits are aggregated into orders of magnitude, the storage onboarding rate would take up less than 5% of the chain capacity.

Zondax’s developments for Filecoin

At Zondax, we closely work with Filecoin on multiple projects, among those, several that affect Filecoin V13. Here are a few of the projects we have recently done for Filecoin:

Filecoin-Rosetta integration
Rosetta is an open standard that simplifies the deployment and interaction with any blockchain. Since this standard can theoretically fit any blockchain out there, it makes it ideal to be implemented as an integration tool, in particular by exchanges or by any entity that needs to support several chains and doesn't want to adapt their internal systems every time they want to support a new blockchain.

At Zondax we develop and maintain the Rosetta integration for Protocol Lab's Filecoin project, tailored specially to the use cases of exchanges, with focus on:

  • Blocks indexing and in-depth transactions inspection
  • Getting accounts information such as balances and vesting schedules
  • Network status inspection tools
  • Transactions creation and signing tools

Filecoin signing tools - wallet tools
Many well known wallets in the Filecoin ecosystem depend on Zondax’s libraries to interact with the network. Zondax filecoin-signing-tools covers the signing process, to be used as a Rust or WASM library, and also to be used along with JSONRPC.

Dockerized Filecoin Node
We have also worked on a dockerized Filecoin node, that is  ready to be used for playing on a devnet or running a test node connected to mainnet/testnet.

More about Zondax

Zondax is the engineering partner of many blockchain companies, such as Filecoin. We are a team of software developers, engineers, cryptographers that are specialized in blockchain protocol development, integration and software for HSMs and hardware wallets.

If you’d like to know more about us, please visit our website or Github.

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