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Security & Cryptography

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We put Security as one of the highest priorities in our work, aiming to provide the safest and most efficient solutions for our clients.

Our diligent engineering team is constantly learning and mastering innovative algorithms such as post-quantum cryptography and zero-knowledge cryptography to guarantee bullet-proof safety.

To ensure the security of private information and cryptographic keys, Zondax focuses on validator security and uses TEEs (Trusted Execution Environment) in a series of security measures that includes independent industrial quality devices, TEEs and software solutions for Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

Zondax has worked with over 50 blockchain projects and developed more than 45 Ledger Apps.


We apply the highest security standards in the development of our projects

Hardware Wallet firmware

Substrate and Custom Apps development.

Cryptographic Libraries

Signing tools development

Ledger-based signers and TEE

Trusted Execution Environment