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Zondax has a deep understanding of blockchain data indexing and integration gained through collaboration with the industry's top projects.

With years of experience in systems and protocols integration, besides offering infrastructure services such as database and archival node hosting, you can undoubtedly notice Zondax's expertise rooted deep in data and integration.

Zondax has been working closely with industry leaders such as Filecoin, Oasis, Blockstack (Stacks), Cosmos, Binance and has provided them with outstanding services on:
  • Chain indexing
  • Mobile and web wallet integration
  • Exchange integration

As integration technologies gradually evolved, Zondax has also been embracing innovations with careful yet extensive research and experiments, ensuring our professional services can advance with trends and deliver effective software solutions with robust support. We pursue precision with curiosity, and we are proud to be the reliable engineering team many have trusted.


We are experts in Integration and Blockchain data indexing.

Chain Indexing

Advanced Data Ingestion Pipeline

Mobile & WebWallet Integration

Ledger Live (Mobile and Desktop) Trustwallet Cosmos Libraries

Exchange Integration

Exchange/Custodian Support operations

Infrastructure Services

Database and archival node hosting