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Our Ongoing Journey in the Polkadot Ecosystem

Jul 25, 2023

Our journey in the Polkadot ecosystem is a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of challenges. At Zondax, we have had the privilege of being part of this dynamic and evolving ecosystem. We have been able to contribute to its growth and development, and in the process, we have grown and evolved as well.

Our journey has been marked by groundbreaking initiatives and strategic partnerships, each representing a significant milestone in our path. But it's not just about the milestones; It's about the challenges we've tackled, the solutions we've engineered, and the knowledge we've gained. It's about the relationships we've forged, the collaborations we've initiated, and the community we've become a part of.

The Genesis: A Commitment to Innovation

We embarked on our journey with Polkadot by developing the Polkadot Ledger App in 2018. This development was designed to enhance the security of transactions within the Polkadot network, marking our first significant contribution to the ecosystem. The importance of providing the Polkadot community with a Ledger App cannot be overstated. It not only enhances the security of transactions but also fosters trust within the community. From the very beginning, we have been committed to contributing to the development of Substrate, the blockchain framework that underpins Polkadot.

Collaborating with the Web3 Foundation

Our collaboration with the Web3 Foundation (W3F) began in early 2018, opening the doors to start working with Parachains. As part of this collaboration, the Web3 Foundation decided to reward Parachain slot winners with the opportunity to have a Ledger App developed by Zondax. This initiative significantly contributed to the security of these chains and served as a great incentive for Parachains to procure security for their users/holders. To this day, we have worked with more than 20 Parachains, further solidifying our position as a key contributor to the Polkadot ecosystem.

The TEE Signer: A Leap Forward

In July 2022, we took another leap forward by developing the TEE Signer. This project provides a hardware + software stack targeting blockchain applications such as PoS validation, remote signers, etc. It demonstrates how we can run both a host and trusted apps using OPTEE and Rust in these devices. The TEE Signer is a significant contribution to the Polkadot ecosystem as it enhances the security and efficiency of blockchain applications. It is a testament to our commitment to driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the blockchain space.

Maintaining the Polkadot/Kusama/Statemine/Statemint Apps

Throughout the ups and downs of the market and the many changes that occurred in the network. We have been maintaining the Polkadot/ Kusama/ Statemine/ Statemint apps since 2018 ensuring they are always updated and live. This continuous effort underscores our commitment to the Polkadot ecosystem.

The Hybrid Node Research

In December 2022, we embarked on our Hybrid Node research by proposing the Polkadot Hybrid Host Node. This innovative proposal aimed to enhance the Polkadot network's performance by combining the best of both full and light nodes. Our research into the Hybrid Host Node involved a deep dive into the Polkadot's Host Node and its specifications, evaluating potential risks and impacts of creating an alternate host node for the Polkadot network using a hybrid and progressive approach. This marked another significant step in our journey, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing the performance and scalability of the Polkadot network.

The Next Milestone

This June our journey with Polkadot took a new turn. Our contract with the Web3 Foundation ended, and we submitted a proposal for the maintenance of Polkadot. The Polkadot community recognized the value of our contributions and voted in favor of our proposal. This marked the beginning of another year of collaboration with the Polkadot ecosystem, where we will continue to contribute and innovate.

The Generic Polkadot Ledger App Proposal

This July, we initiated another milestone by proposing the Generic App Proposal. This proposal aims to create a more inclusive and accessible Polkadot ecosystem by developing a Generic App that could be used across different platforms.

In conclusion, our journey in the Polkadot ecosystem has been more than just a series of projects and initiatives. It has been about partnering with a vibrant community, attending events as well as developing some of its technology, contributing to discussions, and meeting amazing minds. As we move forward, our goal is to adopt an active listening approach to the ecosystem's needs and be more open to aligning our initiatives with the community's aspirations. We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing our journey in the Polkadot ecosystem.

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