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All in one: The new Polkadot app

Mar 6, 2024

The new Polkadot Ledger app is designed to easily manage different parts of the Polkadot network, like parachains and relay chain, even when there are updates. It was made as a result of community requests, and it brings together control of the network into one easy-to-use app. It's made to add new features without losing security.

We found out that to make something really secure, we had to make changes on the node. Several alternatives were analyzed and each has advantages and disadvantages. This approach was the best but it needed effort from the 3 parties: Parity Technologies, Alzymologist Oy and Zondax. Leading to this app in order to give the Polkadot network a reliable and secure way to check transactions. The app is set to benefit the entire range of Substrate-based chains within the Polkadot ecosystem, offering a standardized, easy-to-implement solution for any wallet or key management system, backed by comprehensive documentation and libraries.

We have ensured safety and security by adopting clear signing on most all pallets and methods, avoiding illegible hashes, and making signatures human-readable. Although, some of them use non-human-readable data. 

This app is a step forward for the Polkadot network, improving safety for transactions and making the whole network more stable. We're excited about the support it's received and we are convinced it is a great move in the right direction for the ecosystem. Our aim is to offer strong, high-quality, and secure options for all users.

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Apr 15, 2024

Filecoin Upgrade v22: Dragon

Lotus v1.26.2 introduces the Filecoin upgrade v22, Dragon, enhancing ecosystem efficiency and security. It adds Direct Data Onboarding and Actor events, setting new blockchain standards.

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