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Unlocking the Power of FVM: Highlights from the Filecoin Orbit x Zondax Meetup

Mar 9, 2023

The Filecoin community is gearing up for the much-anticipated launch of the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) main net on March 14. In preparation for the launch and as an integral component of the expansive Filecoin Orbit community program, we found ourselves immersed in the vibrant locale of Barcelona last month. There we hosted an electrifying and collaborative meetup centered around the innovative FVM. The purpose of this spectacular gathering was to unveil the potential of FVM and introduce this groundbreaking project to the broader crypto audience and local web3 communities in Barcelona.

On the auspicious day of February 15, we were bestowed with the opportunity to convene in the very heart of Barcelona at Aticco Verdaguer, in close proximity to the grandeur of the Sagrada Familia. Providentially, this momentous occasion coincided with the grandiose European Blockchain Convention being held concurrently in the same city, enabling us to intermingle with a wide variety of folks from different cultural and crypto backgrounds.

The event agenda was structured into three primary components. First, we kicked off with an exposition on FVM and the state-of-the-art tooling being fashioned by our team. This was followed by an interactive workshop showcasing how our toolings can be used for building on top of FVM/FEVM. Finally, we ended the event with a convivial networking occasion for all participants to engage in.

Carlo Sala, one of our highly skilled Software Engineers, took center stage as the main speaker at the event. Carlo works on the security team at Zondax while also pursuing a degree in Mathematics and maintaining Open Source projects. At the beginning of the event he skillfully introduced the FVM project and also shared our team's latest contributions to the Filecoin ecosystem, leaving the audience impressed with his expertise.

So what is FVM/FEVM all about?

The FVM release is set to be a game-changer for the Filecoin network, and the wider blockchain community due to its Ethereum compatibility (FEVM). Post March 14, developers will have the ability to deploy user-defined smart contracts on top of Filecoin's blockchain and storage network, opening up a world of possibilities for decentralized application development. The fact that these smart contracts can be written in Solidity and deployed using the many EVM-compatible developer tools that web3 builders are already familiar with, means that there will be a minimal learning curve for those looking to create innovative solutions on the Filecoin network. It's an exciting time for the Filecoin ecosystem and those looking to build on it!

Zondax tooling for FVM/FEVM

The FVM intro was followed up by showcasing Zondax tooling for FVM/FEVM, starting with Filecoin Solidity Libraries. Carlo explained how the libraries enable Solidity smart contracts to effortlessly call methods on Filecoin's built-in actors and access Filecoin-specific syscalls.The attendees were intrigued to discover that by utilizing our libraries, anyone could take advantage of the benefits that the Filecoin network offers from the EVM world.

During the presentation, Carlo also introduced the audience to our next set of tools: the Beryx API and Beryx Explorer. The presenter explained that the Beryx API provides access to both historical and real-time data from the Filecoin network through a public API. This includes transaction details for every actor, including multisig and custom FVM actors, as well as fee details and real-time chain statistics. He explained to the public that in addition to this, Beryx Explorer utilizes the extensive capabilities of Beryx API and provides a user-friendly interface for easy interaction. It was valuable to learn how users can search the entire Filecoin network by transaction or tipset using this tool. The workshop was also based on Beryx and how it makes building on FVM/FEVM more accessible to both Filecoin and Ethereum developers.

The event concluded with an enjoyable networking session in the backyard garden of Attico. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with each other over delicious food and drinks, discussing the highlights of the event and sharing their experiences. As people mingled and chatted, various professional perspectives were shared and ideas were exchanged, creating a truly memorable experience for everyone involved.

To wrap up, the utilization of FVM will enable the development of innovative web3 dApps, with the potential to enhance network functionality by 10x or more. The Filecoin community is already enthusiastic about the possibilities that FVM can offer for building new applications.

It's an exciting time for the Filecoin ecosystem and everyone involved. We can't wait to see the incredible projects that will emerge as a result of the FVM launch. Meanwhile, at Zondax, we will continue to develop and improve toolings to support Filecoin and aid those who are building on it in their journey!


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