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What have we learned at the Interchain Academy?

Feb 5, 2024

In this article, we will cover our experience at the Interchain Academy, an initiative by the Interchain Foundation in which seasoned developers can learn and develop skills using the Interchain Stack.

First of all, let’s start by explaining what the Interchain Academy is. The name might give you a hint as it is a hands-on, instructor-led program in which every developer can learn about the Interchain Stack at their own rhythm with the objective of preparing the developer to build application-specific blockchains or learn skills for jobs in the industry. And best of all? It’s free for all participants as it is funded by the Interchain Foundation.

With over 800 developers to date, the program has received an outstanding 95% approval from its participants.

At Zondax, we are one of the core contributors to the Cosmos SDK — dedicated to enhancing various key aspects of the SDK, including cryptography and core design. Our focus extends across hardware wallet support, advancements in cryptography, integration of Rosetta within the Cosmos SDK, and the continual incorporation of the latest technologies and standards. Our ongoing efforts center around modularizing and modernizing the security aspects of the Cosmos SDK.

In the past couple of weeks one Zondax team member who has been actively contributing to the Cosmos-SDK repository for about a year in isolated modules, started following the Interchain Academy and shared his experience (so far).

And while he has extensive knowledge of the ecosystem, he states the course is a comprehensive introduction to all major Interchain Stack concepts, as well as core blockchain concepts which is beneficial if you are just getting started on Cosmos but it also provides an opportunity to understand how the core layers of the stack work together seamlessly. It offers a well-constructed stack to developers (or non-developers too!), allowing them to delve deeper into the intricacies of the system

For him, these concepts were very familiar but it provided him with another context that helps to reinforce the foundation of how Cosmos works.

One of the standout features of the course is how it places you right at the heart of the Interchain ecosystem. It immerses you in complex and important key concepts like CometBFT (the consensus layer), IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication), and the interactions between modules.

It is dense with information, yet it is presented in a way that is digestible and engaging. The blockchain industry is evolving as we speak. You turn away for a minute and you will see new developments, new projects, coins and terms. Being part of the core SDK developers is our priority to being at the forefront of innovation and being able to provide innovative solutions to teams and developers looking to implement the Cosmos SDK into their developments.

In conclusion, The Interchain Academy, supported by the Interchain Foundation, stands as a transformative educational platform for developers delving into the Interchain Stack. With overwhelmingly positive feedback from over 800 participants, this hands-on program offers comprehensive insights into the Cosmos SDK and interchain ecosystem. Through the experience of one Zondax’s engineers, the Academy’s structured curriculum illuminates intricate Cosmos layers, fostering expertise crucial for staying at the forefront of blockchain innovation. It remains an invaluable resource, empowering developers to navigate the dynamic industry landscape and contribute cutting-edge solutions to decentralized ecosystems.

Join us on this thrilling journey into the world of Cosmos. For more updates, visit www.zondax.ch, follow us on X, and LinkedIn.

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