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Hyperspace and Zondax toolings for FVM/FEVM

Mar 2, 2023

Hyperspace. What is it?

On January 16 Filecoin released a new, developer-oriented testnet – the Hyperspace Testnet. Since then Hyperspace has become the main pre-production developer testnet.

As the FVM/FEVM launch is coming mid March, bringing user programmability to the Filecoin network, the FVM and Lotus teams are working hard on improving toolings to provide smoother experience for the developers building on Filecoin. As part of these ongoing improvements comes the Hyperspace Testnet, bringing a brand new era for Filecoin builders.

The concept behind Hyperspace is to bring a stable, reliable and perpetual testing environment with focus on developers. Devs can now test toolings, applications and smart contracts on this network before launching in mainnet.  

It’s also worth mentioning how Hyperspace differs from the Wallaby testnet, which is Filecoin’s initial testnet focused on FVM development and regularly reset with the latest FVM releases. While this network is great to keep on top of the latest FVM development and new features, the Hyperspace testnet is the best for developers' longer-term testing efforts due to fewer network resets.

Zondax tooling for FEVM. Tools built by developers for developers.

As part of the Early Builders program, we have been actively involved in Filecoin's ecosystem for a long time now. This gave us an opportunity to get extensive exposure of the network and build toolings that will be of valuable use for both Filecoin and Ethereum developers. Some of our tools are Beryx Explorer and Beryx API.

By developing Beryx Explorer and Beryx API our intention is that we build these tools with focus on developers and make building on FVM/FEVM more accessible. We aim to provide the right resources to developers to easily extract data from the network and interact with custom actors. Along with this we want to make it possible for all participants in the Filecoin ecosystem to have a clear visibility and observability on the state and activity of the network.

Beryx Explorer is a platform that includes public historical data, streaming data and metrics for the Filecoin blockchain. It contains useful features to test and interact with smart contracts. Smart contract developers can find their contract, decode the ABI, upload their own ABI, call methods and visualize statistics. The tool provides real-time information about mempool and other chain events.

Beryx API exposes via a public API, Filecoin historical and real-time chain data. It provides access to the historical transactions of every actor, including multisig and custom FVM actors, fees details and real-time chain stats. It contains a useful set of features that allows developers to verify and debug their smart contracts by giving access to the transactions, ethereum traces, events and statistics related to the contract and its on-chain behavior.


Beryx Explorer

Beryx Explorer GitHub Repository

Beryx API

Other Zondax toolings

Hyperspace Testnet

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